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Dental Exams

— Seattle, WA —

A crucial part of your dental appointment is a comprehensive dental exam. It can give dentists a better idea of the state of your oral health. Whether you've never had a dental exam before or it's been a while, here's what you need to know about receiving a teeth exam.

What Are Dental Exams?

If you've been researching dental exams near me, then you may wonder what they actually are. You can liken them to an X-ray of your body. When one of your bones is broken or injured, a doctor views the bone through an X-ray. It allows the doctor to determine the severity of the injury and offer a custom diagnosis to fix the problem.

Comprehensive dental exams work similarly. A dentist uses an X-ray machine to take photos of your teeth. They're able to see how healthy your teeth's roots are and if there are any cavities starting to emerge.

Who Should Receive Dental Exams in Seattle, WA?

A teeth exam is ideal for anyone who hasn't received one in a few years. You should receive an exam once a year. This is coupled with dental cleanings. The exam usually involves the use of some form of X-ray machine as well as a physical check of the mouth, gums, and tongue to look for any dental problems.

Because of this, everyone should receive a dental exam regardless of their age.

When Should You Schedule Your Dental Exams in Seattle, WA?

The best time to schedule your comprehensive dental exams is at the beginning and middle of the year. Any time works, but since you should at least receive one dental exam a year, it's easier for patients to remember to schedule at the beginning or middle of the year.

It's also not a bad idea to schedule a teeth exam after the holidays. This is a time in which a lot of bad eating habits occur.


Where Should You Receive Your Dental Exams in Seattle, WA?

If you want high-quality, comprehensive dental exams, schedule your appointment at our dental office. We provide thorough exams that rely on the latest technology. We also have the experience you need to ensure any problems with your teeth are noticed immediately.

Through our dental office, you can be sure that your exam will be simple, easygoing, and effective.

Why You Should Undergo Dental Exams in Seattle, WA

A teeth exam is crucial to your health. Dental cleanings may be a great way to spruce up your teeth, but dentists will be cleaning blindly without an exam. The chart can make them aware of any cavities they need to focus on or problems that need their help.

An exam can prolong the life span of your teeth and gums.

How Do Dental Exams in Seattle, WA, Benefit You?

Once dentists are able to find serious or mild problems in your teeth, they can provide a customized cleaning procedure. This tailored service ensures that every aspect of your teeth is cleaned. Your teeth will be healthier. You'll have less risk of developing gum disease.


Stop By Our Office Today in Seattle, WA

Comprehensive dental exams can improve your oral health. Schedule an appointment for an exam at our office today.