Dr. Bridget Singh and the Benefits of Teeth Whitening

The perfect white smile has never been as important as it is in the 21st century. Social media and access to improved oral healthcare have pushed white teeth to the top of your list of priorities. Dr. Bridget Singh has the ability to guide you through the dental whitening process safely and effectively.

The Process of Dental Whitening

In the U.S., we spend an estimated $2 billion each year on whitening products and services. Dr. Bridget Singh will help you make the right decisions about how to whiten your teeth in a safe environment. Your teeth will be affected by many factors as you move through life. Among the factors that stain your teeth are:

  • Drinking coffee and red wine
  • Aging
  • Smoking
  • Prescription medications

Lifestyle changes can limit future stains following the dental whitening of your teeth. The FDA describes the process of bleaching as taking place whenever the product you use contains hydrogen peroxide. The bleaching of teeth is one of the most important ways of making your smile appear white and bright. Dr. Singh's ability to understand the needs of your teeth will provide you with the best results from your whitening process.

Build Your Confidence With Dental Whitening

Among the benefits of dental whitening is the ability to feel confident in yourself. Your smile plays an important part in boosting your confidence. Discolored teeth can limit your self-confidence and cause you problems when you interact with others. Hiding your teeth when you talk, eat, and smile will no longer be an issue in your life. Whitened teeth can give you a boost of self-confidence that will improve your life on many levels.

Teeth Whitening Avoids Oral Health Damage

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products are not as safe as professionally controlled services. Over-the-counter products can damage your teeth and gums because the level of hydrogen peroxide is not controlled. Getting dental whitening services done by Dr. Singh allows her to help you make decisions about your whitening options based on her experience. By allowing Dr. Singh to guide you in making decisions about your teeth whitening, you will be more confident in your oral health and can take comfort in knowing your teeth won't be compromised by the products being used to whiten them.

If you are concerned about stained teeth and discoloration and are located in South Lake Union, you can call Dr. Bridget Singh's office and schedule an appointment to complete teeth whitening safely and efficiently.