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Teeth Whitening

— Seattle, WA —

Your dull teeth don't have to bring you down. Receiving teeth whitening services at our professional dental office in Seattle, WA, may be just the solution you need. Here's what you need to know about having whiter teeth.

What Is Dental Teeth Whitening?

The process to whiten teeth is called teeth whitening. It involves using various bleaches to stain your teeth a whiter color. The bleach is safe and doesn't harm your mouth or body.

There are also treatments to remove stains that exist on your teeth. As a result, your smile will be whiter and brighter.

Who Can Benefit From Teeth Whitening in Seattle, WA, the Most?

Not everyone is a great candidate for whitening their teeth. While everyone may receive some whitening of their teeth, the amount of whiteness that you receive depends on the natural shade of color that your teeth already have.

Those with yellow teeth, for example, will likely notice the most results from their treatment. People with brown teeth may not notice as successful a result. However, the treatment may serve to lighten their teeth a small amount. Those with gray teeth will likely not notice much of a change at all.

Your teeth may also require several staining treatments before you notice a change.

When Should You Undergo Dental Whitening in Seattle, WA?

After the age of 18 is the best time to try for whiter teeth. If you notice that your teeth are starting to become yellow or brown, then it's time to schedule your teeth whitening treatment.

It's also a good idea to schedule the treatment after certain holidays. Because certain foods can stain your teeth, you may find that you need to whiten them more often after specific holidays.

When receiving your regular dental cleaning, you may also opt for a teeth whitening treatment afterward to truly whiten teeth.


Why Should You Receive Dental Whitening in Seattle, WA?

Dental whitening can completely transform your smile. If you always find that your teeth are a bit dull in color or you're embarrassed by discoloration, then you may find relief with the service. The treatment can brighten your smile and make you more confident. It can also help you make good first impressions. Whiter teeth suggest that you engage in good oral hygiene.

How Can Dental Whitening Benefit You?

One of the benefits you'll immediately notice is how bright your teeth are. This may make you feel good about your smile and boost your self-confidence. It can also keep you from feeling embarrassed or wanting to hide your smile. Those who rely on their smile for their job may even notice an increase in job performance.

Where Should You Receive Teeth Whitening Treatment in Seattle, WA?

Our dental office should be your first and only stop for whiter teeth. Our dentists have the latest whitening bleaches and tools to make your smile whiter than ever. We'll make whitening your teeth an easy and simple process.