Dental Veneers in South Lake Union

Why Choose Dental Veneers in South Lake Union

The process of adding dental veneers to your smile is one that Dr. Bridget Singh can guide you through. Our dentist is an expert in installing dental veneers for our patients. Understanding how veneers are added to your teeth will help you feel confident in working with Dr. Bridget Singh.

How Are Dental Veneers Added to Your Smile?

Dr. Bridget Singh has a long history of helping our patients improve their smiles. Before you get veneers, you'll first have a consultation with Dr. Singh. She'll help you determine whether you're a good candidate for veneers. Dental veneers are caps that slide over your damaged teeth and provide protection for your decaying or damaged tooth.

The process of adding a veneer to your tooth begins with an imprint of your mouth. When Dr. Singh is covering a damaged or decaying tooth with a veneer, you will have any repairs completed before a layer of enamel is removed from your tooth. It can take up to two weeks for your veneer to be molded correctly at a dental lab. Removing the layer of enamel can leave your teeth feeling sensitive. Dr. Bridget Singh will place a temporary veneer to protect your tooth.

Dental Veneers Are a Long-Lasting Choice

Adding a dental veneer to your tooth is a long-lasting choice that can last upward of 15 years. Adding a veneer to your teeth is a good choice for people who play sports or other physical activities because they are strong enough to withstand most damage.

An Easy Process

Dr. Singh works with patients in South Lake Union looking to improve their smiles and confidence through the use of veneers. Dental veneers do not require the removal of your natural teeth, which helps you to limit the loss you feel when choosing this type of implant. Dentures and implants are added to replace your missing teeth, which can leave you with a sense of loss.

Dental veneers are a simple option and don't require special maintenance. To care for your veneers, you need to brush and floss daily to protect your teeth from damage. A veneer needs no more care than the teeth they are attached to. Concerns over discoloration are a thing of the past when dental veneers are installed.

When you are ready to discuss the possibility of installing dental veneers, call our office and book your appointment with Dr. Bridget Singh.