Botox in South Lake Union

The Uses of Botox in Dentistry

When you think about Botox, you probably think about reducing wrinkles and fine lines. At the dental office of Dr. Bridget Singh, we understand the many ways dental Botox can help our patients in South Lake Union. Alongside limiting the effects of aging, you can benefit from reducing migraine pain and problems with the temporomandibular joint.

How Does Botox Work?

Dr. Bridget Singh uses Botox for different reasons. The process is simple and requires her to inject small amounts of the toxin into the areas of your head and face that are problematic. Patients seeking TMJ treatment will require Botox to block the passage of electrical impulses to their jaws. Botox works by temporarily blocking the passage of messages from the brain to parts of your face. The muscles that have contracted over time are paralyzed and no longer constricted. The messages sent from your brain cause fine lines and wrinkles across the forehead and around your eyes.

Benefits of Dental Botox

One of the most important reasons why you should trust Dr. Singh with your Botox needs is her years of experience. Unlike other physicians, Dr. Singh has spent her career studying facial anatomy. The ability to understand the faces of her patients sets Dr. Singh apart as an expert. TMJ treatment and addressing fine lines means you can be sure the right choice is made to address your needs.

Gummy Smiles Are Helped With Dental Botox

One of the problems facing our patients at the office of Dr. Bridget Singh is a gummy smile. If you feel your upper lip pulls too high when you smile, Botox is an option to explore. The muscles pulling your upper lip when you smile can be positively affected by Botox. As an expert in the muscles of the mouth and jaw, Dr. Singh can use dental Botox to limit the movement of your upper lip and reduce a gummy smile.

Eliminating Wrinkles With Dental Botox

Here at the office of Dr. Singh, we understand the development of fine lines and wrinkles can be distressing. The use of Botox paralyzes the muscle that contracts to form wrinkles. Dr. Singh will identify the areas of your face that can be helped by Botox and use her skills to allow you to feel good about your appearance once again.

When you are ready to use dental Botox for TMJ treatment or to limit the effects of aging, call the office of Dr. Bridget Singh to schedule an appointment.