Nightguards in South Lake Union

Nightguards Help Oral Health Issues

Here at the office of Dr. Bridget Singh, we see patients with different types of oral health issues. Toothache and decay are just one kind of medical issue we assist with. Dr. Singh is a specialist in finding the source of tooth and jaw pain for our patients. Nightguards are among the common accessories we use to treat oral issues like jaw clenching and bruxism.

What Are Nightguards?

Nightguards are a form of mouthguard similar to those used by people playing sports. As their name implies, they are typically worn at night when you sleep to help prevent you from grinding or clenching your teeth together. Dr. Singh provides nightguards for medical issues, including:

  • Clenching
  • Teeth grinding
  • Sleep apnea

Nightguards are used to limit the effects of grinding and clenching your teeth. The results of grinding and clenching include:

  • Worn-down teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • TMJ pain
  • Muscle fatigue around the jaw
  • Headaches

Why Choose Mouthguards?

The consistent grinding and clenching of your jaw will cause long-term problems. Your oral health will be affected when you ignore the problems caused by teeth grinding. Dr. Singh's patients who ignored jaw clenching and teeth grinding have had to use dental crowns to restore their smile. Damage to the structure of your teeth can cause bite problems and prolonged pain.

How Is a Nightguard Made?

Depending on the severity of bruxism you are facing, Dr. Singh will recommend soft or hard mouthguards. Both types of mouthguards are made using an impression of your teeth. An impression is used to create a comfortable nightguard for your mouth. Dr. Singh will help you decide if nightguards made for your upper or lower teeth will be the best option. Dr. Singh will help you make decisions about your mouthguard, including the type of material and its use. Mouthguards can be worn on the upper or lower set of teeth. A hard acrylic or soft resin can be used depending on your level of comfort with each material.

Which Mouthguards Are Right for You?

Deciding which material to choose can be a difficult task. Dr. Singh will discuss your options during your fitting for nightguards and help you make the right decisions. Soft resin mouthguards will need replacing more often, but they can be more comfortable for some patients.

If you are in South Lake Union and struggling with bruxism and jaw clenching, contact Dr. Bridget Singh and schedule an appointment to learn about mouthguards.