Understanding Dental Crowns With Dr. Bridget Singh

Tooth decay and damage will cause problems with your smile when left untreated. A dental crown is an option to help you retain your oral health and limit the problems you face in the future. Dr. Bridget Singh installs dental crowns to help our patients to feel confident about their smiles and future oral health.

Why Use Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are used to help patients improve their oral health. A misconception about the use of dental crowns is that they are used for cosmetic purposes. In fact, a dental crown is used to protect damaged teeth from further problems. Among the reasons why dental crowns are used are:

After you have encountered problems with your teeth, you could face the problem of your teeth not looking their best. Large fillings can overpower your tooth and make it look unbalanced. If you want to avoid the problems of unbalanced teeth, you can use dental crowns as a way of making your smile look balanced. A problem tooth capped with a dental crown will not be affected by further decay or breakage.

Dental Crowns Are Simple to Install

The long process associated with many dental procedures is not a problem with dental crowns. Dr. Bridget Singh can complete the process of using dental crowns in as little as two weeks. The process is as follows:

  • Numb your tooth
  • Remove a layer of enamel
  • Remove decayed material
  • Take an impression
  • Create a temporary crown
  • Install the final crown

The process of adding a temporary crown is completed to provide a layer of protection for your teeth while waiting for the final crown to be installed. The final crown will be fabricated by a lab and take around two weeks to be returned to Dr. Singh. If you did not have a temporary crown, you would suffer from extremely sensitive teeth until your final dental crowns were installed.

The Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dr. Singh and our team use dental crowns because they limit the future problems associated with tooth extraction. A crown does not leave a gap in your jawline that can lead to future oral health issues. The restoration of your tooth helps you to feel confident in your smile once again.

If you are located in South Lake Union, call the office of Dr. Bridget Singh to discuss whether dental crowns are the best choice for you.