Dental Crowns in Downtown Seattle

Dental crowns are a cover or cap that takes the form of your original tooth. Our dentist, Dr. Bridget Singh, believes the use of a dental crown can help you avoid pain and discomfort. Installing crowns in Downtown Seattle allows our team to help you feel better about yourself and improves your level of confidence, so you look and feel better.

What Materials Are Used for Dental Crowns?

The choice of which material to make your crown out of is made based on its location and function. Each crown can be made from:

  • Metal alloys
  • Ceramics
  • Porcelain
  • Composite resin

Dental crowns are produced based on the location of your damaged or missing tooth. The main concern of Dr. Singh is to produce a crown that fits well in your mouth and improves the look of your smile.

What Does a Crown Do?

A dental crown is produced in a lab to help you to enjoy the look and feel of your teeth. Dental crowns are produced based on your damaged tooth's location. Any problems with your smile will be considered, including gum tissue and damaged teeth. A dental crown is used to cover the existing tooth and provide protection. A damaged tooth will be repaired and capped with a crown to halt the progress of infection and avoid further damage.

How to Install Dental Crowns

Our dentist, Dr. Bridget Singh, explains the first step to installing dental crowns is to complete a repair of the existing tooth. After repairing the damaged portion of your tooth, Dr. Singh removes a layer of enamel from your tooth. Dr. Singh and our team will create an imprint of your mouth. To protect your tooth, a temporary crown will be installed by Dr. Singh.

The Benefits of Dental Crowns

There are several benefits with dental crowns. The main benefit of using dental crowns is their long-lasting abilities. A crown has an average life of 15 years. This means a damaged tooth can be protected from further decay over the coming years. Misshapen and discolored teeth can also benefit because they are covered by a dental crown to reduce their impact on your life. There are plenty of benefits to dental crowns, and Dr. Singh can go over these in more detail.

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