Invisalign in Downtown Seattle

Five Ways Invisalign Can Improve Your Life

One decision can make all the difference in the world. Aligners are one of those decisions that change an incredible amount for your life, health and confidence. Let’s take a look at what invisible aligners can do for you and your life.

1. Invisible Braces Can Help Improve Your Smile

Invisalign is a type of clear braces that can make a huge difference in the appearance of your smile. Your smile is one of the things people first notice about your face. It can be hard to smile when you don’t feel confident about your smile. Clear aligners can help to beautify your smile and help you to feel more confident. You might find yourself smiling and laughing more after getting them.

2. Invisible Braces Can Help Your Dental Hygiene

When teeth are crooked or overlapped, it’s harder to keep the mouth clean. Crooked teeth and teeth that overlap are highly susceptible to getting food stuck in between them. Gaps in teeth can be problematic too. Constantly having to clear food from the mouth is hard to do. This increases plaque, which can cause an overall issue with the mouth. Clear aligners help reduce plaque and bacteria buildup.

3. Invisible Braces Can Help You to Save Money

Crooked teeth can require extra dental office visits. When food gets caught between teeth, food particles can quickly cause plaque. Thoroughly cleaning between teeth with brushing and flossing can be difficult. This might necessitate you to have extra teeth cleanings, and you might have trouble with additional cavities and other issues. Getting clear braces can help to keep your mouth cleaner and reduce the number of dental office visits per year.

4. Invisible Aligners Give You a Discreet Way to Straighten Your Teeth

In addition to straightening your teeth, clear braces provide a discreet way of straightening your teeth little by little. All you need to do is change out your clear braces every few weeks. You can choose to wear clear aligners during the day, or you can wear them while you sleep at night.

5. Invisible Aligners Can Reduce Headaches

Did you know that an improperly aligned bite can lead to tension headaches and muscle stress? Even in adulthood, clear aligners can help you to move your teeth into a position that will reduce the number of headaches you gain in your life. Speak to Dr. Singh about how aligners can help you reduce head and facial pain.

If you want a discreet way to straighten your teeth in downtown Seattle, Bridget Singh DDS can help to straighten your teeth, beautify your smile, and improve your dental hygiene with Invisalign. Call to schedule your appointment today.